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Mom Guilt Is Annoying

Mom Guilt Is Annoying

I have spent A LOT of time at the dentist lately. My girls have had to get a good amount of dental work done. That’s so hard to admit. It’s not that I’m prideful it’s just how have I failed them “that” bad? That’s the thoughts that were going through my mind at my daughter’s most recent dental appointment when the hygienist walked in the room and asked if I was ok. The truth is I wasn’t. I was sad… mom guilt is annoying.

As the dentist worked on my daughter I was overwhelmed with so many different and really let’s be honest difficult emotions. The moment that sweet hygienist pulled me out of the room couldn’t have been more timely. See, I never show any sign of emotion about sadness or frustration when it comes to bringing my children to the dentist… to my children. My husband is a whole different story.

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