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One of the MOST Controversial “F” Words…

There are words – lots of words but then there’s the “F” word.

No one likes to talk about the “F” word. No, no, no, I’m not talking about a curse word I’m talking about FINANCES. In our home growing up when dad was doing the bills we were all outside playing. If I think about it long enough I can actually picture my dad sitting at the computer doing bills. I can almost feel both the tension in the room and stress. If ever there were a time to avoid being in the house it was without question when dad was paying the bills. Needless to say finances have become one of the most controversial “F” words in our home even to this day.

Finances DO NOT have to be a stressful topic.

Honestly, I am certainly not one to sit there and throw down things like how much cumulative debt my husband and I have, how much money we have in savings, or even how much money my husband makes… You will probably never catch me sharing that information. Finances have always been a source of hushed concern or maybe even stress. I will say student loans are the absolute worst.

The reason for mentioning the “F” word is when I started this blog last August I had a few things in mind. I wanted to have a place where I could just be me. Where I could encourage other people and share information that I’ve found whether that be a good book, new favorite song, a new app, revelations on the topic of grace, perhaps a recipe, DIY, etc. The idea of inspiring or encouraging others is something that really makes me happy.

Believe me, I know finances can be stressful from time to time. I think many of us can relate. I read a quote one time by Dave Ramsey, “Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to win with money. They are a temporary inconvenience for a permanent goal.” The best thing you can do is become laser focused on your end goals and put a plan in to action.

one of the most controversial f words

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