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Kindness Matters…

You Have 2 CHOICES You Can Either Be Kind or Be Mean… 

I am a HUGE fan of being kind regardless of the situation. Believe me I get it sometimes people can be MEAN. Personally, I have made the choice to be kind even if kindness isn’t reciprocated. To me it doesn’t feel good to treat people mean even if I’m having a terrible day. Whether its the cashier at Target, the receipt checker at Costco or the lady at the window handing me my coffee from Dunkin Donuts you betcha I’m going to be kind and thankful. Simply put kindness matters a lot and it’s definitely a choice. You can choose to be kind or you can be mean.

Perhaps my attitude choice is a direct result of the years I worked in retail. Everyone has a story and you just never know what chapter of their life they are on. I’ve chosen to extend grace… long before I even knew exactly what this meant. I just know that’s what Jesus would have me do. 

I met all kinds of people working customer service at both a local Walmart and Gander Mountain. Granted this was about 15 years ago and I was a lot younger and a whole lot less jaded. I noticed something while working those long shifts dealing with one person after the next, most days non-stop. Some people are really sweet and some people despite being nice to them are just mean. Look, I get it sometimes life isn’t fair. Sometimes people are going through hard things. I get it and that’s exactly why I choose to be kind. Admittedly sometimes its easier than others to be nice. There are definitely situations that may be challenging… I definitely get that. I have many stories from working retail. Grace upon grace you guys…

kindness matters

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