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7 Keys to Happiness: What Makes YOU Happy

What if I told you I had the key to happiness?

While I’m definitely a huge fan of both a good cup of coffee and chocolate chip cookie I’m sad to say our happiness isn’t due in part by eating large amounts of chocolate chip cookies or our consumption of coffee… sad I know. What if I said that we actually all hold the key to happiness? What if I told you that you and only you were responsible for your happiness? Would you believe me? I’ve thought long and hard on this topic and I always come back to the same resolution in my heart.

So let me ask you this what makes YOU happy?

Maybe it’s a hot cup of coffee on a cold day or a little bit of money to go out to dinner versus having to cook dinner for yourself or your family. Maybe it’s spending time with your family. Maybe you’d be happier if you had a bigger house and a little bit more land. Maybe it would be if you lost the baby weight. Maybe you’d be happy if you made more money or had less bills. Maybe you’d be happier in a different marriage or not married at all. Maybe you’d be happier if your children were better behaved or kept their rooms tidy…

Maybe, Maybe, Maybe…

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