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Self Care is Hard BUT Worth it…

Self Care is Hard BUT Worth it...
“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.”

Self care is something I really struggle with. I struggle with putting myself first and allowing myself time to experience a transformation. Can you relate? You can read about that here and here. Self care is hard but worth it, you’re worth it.

I’ve been well intentioned to start working out and eating right for a year now. At one point last year I decided that it was just not going to happen. Whhhhat? I got so busy with life and my 4 kids that I pushed myself to the side. My kids, husband and home became my main priority. I wasn’t on my list. How sad is that? If the quote, “We can only love others as much as we love ourselves” (Brene Brown) is true then man, I must really stink.

I recently sat down and evaluated what makes me happy? And what would make me happier? Naturally paying off debt would make me happier but, what would make me HAPPY, HAPPY? Being proud of myself. I would love to lose weight this would make me very happy. Sometimes I am really too hard on myself and I notice that if I don’t live up to my standards (a clean home, well dressed children, laundry complete, etc.) I get really upset with myself. If I don’t keep up with my blog I just become overwhelmed and shut down completely. Lately I’ve really thrive on a really predictable routine.

Self Care is Hard BUT Worth it...

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