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Permission to Dream Big Dreams

Do You Have A Dream?

Sometimes I dream really big and exciting things. A dream that wakes me in the night and gets me completely fired up and excited about whats to come. Dreams that offer me so much hope in my personal life and even more so anticipation of the future. Let’s talk about those kind of dreams… 

Let’s get this out there right in the beginning, I am totally NOT a dream whisperer. I haven’t even really studied dreams enough to be considered an expert. HOWEVER, I had this realization yesterday and I just have to share. Dreams are powerful.

Last week I started a Bible Study by Havilah Cunnington “Eat, Pray, Hustle: Dream Chasing God’s Way” and I have got to tell you my eyes are really being opened. Even more so, I’d say my heart is being stirred as old dreams are resurfacing and new dreams are occurring. I am excited for what’s to come.

Dream BIG Dreams

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