UPDATE: 2018 GoodReads Challenge

 UPDATE ON My 2018 GoodReads Challenge

In the beginning of 2018 I challenged myself to read 30 Books in 2018 (you can read about that here). In the beginning I was pretty good about updating you all with my progress. Eventually I fell behind on my updates. Rest assured I kept reading. Here we are well in to 2019, I wanted to update you all on how my 2018 GoodReads Challenge went.


Well folks – I aimed high and failed high (Thanks Holly Furtick!). My original goal of reading 30 books in 2018 led me down the path of reading 27 and a half, half books. You can read that as 27 books total. When I think about this I’m pretty sure going from reading virtually nothing to 27+ books in 2018 is something to be proud of. Had I not given myself the goal to read 30 books, I wouldn’t have even tried the GoodReads Challenge.

This was my first year participating in any reading challenge. I have to say it was such a wonderful experience. Honestly, I was sad that I didn’t complete the 30 books. It really took a little while to process the fact that I “failed” my challenge. Today as I’m sitting here thinking about it, I don’t feel like I failed, I aimed HIGH and ended HIGH. I love a good challenge.

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