1 Bird or 2?!? That is ALWAYS the question…

1 Bird or 2?

That is the question always this time of the year… Traditionally speaking we usually do 2 turkeys. We always question whether or not we should do 1 bird or 2 but the truth is, it’s fun to do 2. We cook one in the oven and the other one we either fry or smoke. My husband has come to really enjoy doing his own turkey each year. He really gets in to it. I think that secretly that makes me love him even more. You know, his desire to serve others and share with our children how to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey… to me that’s really attractive. Anyways, I can see the smile on his face already walking through the door with a black turkey in his hands lol. Gotta love smoked meat. 😉

grace inspired thanksgiving

Let me Backtrack a little…

So I bought Brian a Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker for his birthday a couple years back (2015 I believe). He has since been obsessed with smoking -all the things-. I can’t really complain too much. There’s been a bit of a learning curve but for the most part it’s been an enjoyable “adventure”. I think Bri has really begun to understand the “art” of how to smoke meat. (haha)

*Pictured in this order: brisket, chicken thighs, pineapple bacon mozzarella rings, ribs, atomic buffalo turds AKA jalapeno poppers and burnt ends. 

…The Smoked Turkey Saga (haha)

Anyways, back on track… Last year Bri smoked his first turkey. If I think about it for any amount of time I can actually STILL smell that thick smokey smell… and not in a good way. The smokey smell covered our entire house. I was so sad because you know that delicious Thanksgiving food smell right? Where you walk in a room and you just want to sit at the table and eat your face off? Yahhh….

Well, Bri essentially ruined Thanksgiving (haha) in a hot second bringing in his smoked turkey. Alas, here we are another year and another opportunity for my husband to share his love for smoked meat. Secretly/not so secretly I’m praying we keep our delicious Thanksgiving dinner smell and don’t become overwhelmed by that very distinct smoked meat smell. Here’s hoping this turkey won’t be so… smokey. (haha).

Stay tuned… I’ve already been informed that we need a new Home Depot bucket for brining the turkey. It’s always an adventure you guys – ALWAYS. So really the question isn’t 1 bird or 2 it’s more like 2 birds and what shall we do with all those leftovers?

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