The Beginning of Our Story

Well guys – this is us! These are the people in my life (me included) that have inspired me to begin this journey with GRACE INSPIRED HOME. Where do I begin? Brian and I have been married for 14 years this December! 14 years is a LONG TIME ha but I couldn’t imagine life without this guy. In 2002 I graduated from High School in a small town in NY. I spent the summer working at TRI STATE CHRISTIAN CAMP – CAMP JOSIAH with a bunch of my friends before heading off to my first year of college at Evangel University in Springfield, MO. I had absolutely no intention on starting a relationship. I had EVERY intention on giving my heart and attention to the children of Camp Josiah. I thought about naming this blog Convos by the Campfire because it just so happens that my interest in Brian was peaked around a campfire. I guess that was one of the first things anyway… and then of course his love for kids! There is just something so sweet about a guy that genuinely loves kids. 🙂 I can remember watching Brian as he played with the kids at the Beach (he was a lifeguard) and fun conversations with friends around picnic tables. Well anyways, I went in to that summer knowing full well that God wanted me to be there and ready to share Jesus with my little cabin loves and walked away with so much more. I went away to Evangel August 2002 and couldn’t shake the love bug… Brian and I officially became Brian and I that September. June 2003 Brian asked me to be his wife.

In September of 2003 Brian left for bootcamp for the United States Navy and it was the very day he left that we decided we didn’t want to wait to get married. On December 27th on leave from the USN Brian and I became Mr & Mrs… and the fun began. Life as a military family took us to as newlyweds to Pensacola FL for “A” School, first time parents to Zachary in Aurora CO for our first duty station and lastly, a direct support billet to Augusta GA where we were blessed with our second pregnancy and we rounded out Brian’s 5 year Navy career. In the summer of 2008 Brian honorably discharged from the USN and we began a new chapter of our lives in  Ashburn, VA as civilians where we welcomed Miss Alyssa Grace in to our family. In 2009 we bought our first home and established our roots in Maryland. We added two more babies to our family – Addison + Luke and there ya have. This is the story of “US”…

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Amanda is a lifestyle blogger that blogs about her faith, family, food, fitness & a whole lot of GRACE.

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