A Lesson on Gratitude and Grace

I am reminded that grace always opens the door for a lesson on gratitude. Today was a real busy day for us. I’ve been putting off school shopping for the kids so that I didn’t have to navigate all the stores with four kids in tow. Needless to say my husband, children and I set out to accomplish a list about a mile long. We are a little over a week out from the start of the 2017-2018 school year and my kids are in need of some new school clothes. Do you have any guess who started acting up first when we were out in town?

Did you guess the two year old? The 6 year old? NOPE… the husband.

My husband is notorious for establishing an “air” when we are out in town because he’d rather not be out in town… Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s fun… said no wife ever. I get it. He’s out of the house a lot during the week for work. He commutes over an hour sometimes more each way. The last thing in the world he wants to do is sit in a car and run errands on one of his days off. He spends a lot of time in the car away from the home during the week and that’s hard. We miss him and he misses us. I’m thankful for such a hardworking husband and an awesome provider for our family. I love my husband despite his crappy attitude about being outside of the home on the weekend.

Grace & Gratitude

I felt like everywhere I went today I found “signs” of gratitude – both literally and figuratively speaking. At Michaels Craft Store today the aisles were filled with signs of thankfulness and gratefulness. I left this store feeling truly blessed. Dare I say a fresh perspective. This evening as my son and I were running a quick errand we stumbled on a giving rock and couldn’t help but smile and feel a great deal of gratitude toward the individual that painted and placed this lovely rock. Such a small act of kindness meant so much. It was like a smile from a stranger.

If we change our perspective we can find gratitude in the ordinary experiences. Grace and gratitude really do go hand in hand. I am learning every single day to find joy in the simple things and how to extend grace to my family in the oftentimes monotonous daily tasks around the home. By offering grace toward my family I am able to find joy and gratefulness in the chore that I am completeing.

What I’m trying to say is, in our lives we have the choice daily to embrace an attitude of gratitude. The same thing goes for the decision to extend grace to our family/friends. When we change our attitudes we are able to see blessings in our every day life. When we make the conscience decision to find joy in the ordinary we open up our eyes and our hearts to gratitude. Whether it’s cooking dinner for our families or doing the laundry there’s a blessing to uncover in these ordinary moments.

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