A Tidy Home and Grace

I asked my children last week this simple question… What makes mommy happy? My 11 year old son didn’t hesitate and said coffee. My 8 year old daughter said, when the house is clean and when we are good. My 2 year old said, “me” and excitedly pointed at himself! My 6 year old said when it’s quiet. All very valid truths ha! I definitely love all those things my kids listed but, the one thing that seems to set the tone for the entire day and is really important to me is a tidy home.

A tidy home increases my happiness. My entire attitude seems to be dictated by the state of my home (clean/messy). If my house is a mess I feel flustered or even overwhelmed. When my house is tidy/clean I can relax and do the things I enjoy – playing TENZI with my family, building legos with my kids or blogging for example. Happiness and a tidy home increases my desire to want to host friends and family.

I really enjoy hosting people but, have a hard time getting in to a state of relaxation. What is it about a tidy home that makes me feel so accomplished? I can sit down and drink a cup of coffee and just feel like I’ve accomplished something and it just makes me feel good. When my house is clean I feel on top of things. When my house is a mess I get so overwhelmed. I don’t understand why exactly but, eliminating the mess, frees my mind and I’m able to open myself up to do what I really enjoy. I enjoy blogging, working out, playing a game with my kids, having friends over and cooking for them, etc.

Organizing my home has done a wonderful thing for me. By decluttering rooms one by one I’ve been cutting the clutter and giving each space a function. We now have baskets arranged that my children know what exactly goes in each space. Including my children in on the organization of our home has been key to happiness. My children now know exactly where things go. I know this sounds so simple… and it is. By getting rid of the clutter we were able to 1 – sell unused/barely used items on Facebook yard sale pages and make money, 2 – get rid of the excess toys/clutter that weren’t played with or maybe even broken which in turn freed up space and lastly, 3 – gave my children the opportunity to rediscover loved toys or even clothes that went missing (under beds/stuffed in the closet, etc.) and a method to store them so they can have access to play with them.

The bags pictured above were a combination of clothes from the garage and the kids rooms – I’m certain there’s more purging to do. That beautiful blanket above was made by my husbands grandma and was definitely not donated! The majority of the stuff in those bags were donated.

The laundry situation in our house is pretty much non-stop. We are a family of 6 and there’s always something to wash. We use this system of baskets to keep clothes separated (towels, darks, whites, sheets/bedding, baby) making it seriously easy to know when I have a load of wash to do. The kids know exactly which basket to put their dirty clothes in… you know half the time this works ha. Half the time their clothes are in a pile beside the baskets or next to the shower. Ehh you win some and you lose some. The spice rack was the easiest decision… I’m sure I have a before and after but, I cannot find it right now. It’s really taken away a lot of space in the cabinet and given me a method to finding my spices nice and easy. Also, I store my instant pot rings and my husbands BBQ tongs/spatula, etc. on the hooks below.

Talk about an eye opener here… I am only sad that I lived with the clutter mess for so long. It’s not fun scrambling before company comes over or heaven forbid someone rings the doorbell. I’ve learned a lesson on grace through organizing that I never thought I would… It’s ok to have a lived in home when company comes over. I have 4 children and a husband that sometimes makes as much a mess if not more than our children. Holding my family to a standard of grace has been eye opening because balance is really important. It is not fun to be a MOMSTER – ha – a mommy monster get it? MOMSTER. Ahh anyways, I still go crazy before company comes over only now my kids know exactly where to put things making clean up super easy.

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Amanda is a lifestyle blogger that blogs about her faith, family, food, fitness & a whole lot of GRACE.


  • Terri Grothe
    August 22, 2017 at 10:38 pm

    This is totally me. Im only relaxed when my home is clean.

    • graceinspiredhome
      August 24, 2018 at 1:56 pm

      It’s so silly… The more friends I have, the more houses I go to the more I feel at home in a house that is lived in! I get so stressed when I go to a friends house and their house is always spotless it makes me feel like my house has to be spotless every single time they come over… that’s exhausting. There’s definitely a difference between messy and dirty and I have to keep that in mind. It’s hard to keep up sometimes you know?

  • Amanda Bath
    August 24, 2017 at 10:28 am

    I am currently working on getting rid of clutter! It feels so good!

    • graceinspiredhome
      August 24, 2018 at 1:54 pm

      I feel like its a never ending process of getting rid of stuff! Where does all of it come from lol! :):)


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