Hello and welcome to my GRACE INSPIRED HOME blog! I created this blog with a couple things in mind but mainly- GRACE and family. I’ve been on a journey the last 2 years or more toward accepting grace in my life and trying to push the perfectionist “bug” to the side. I’ve found that by maintaining an attitude of grace I can look at things through a different lens. The lens that allows me to see the fun in the mess and joy in the stages that we currently are in.

I’m so excited that you’re here. My name is Amanda and I am a 33 year old wife and mommy. My family is everything and I thank God every day for each of them. I am a HUGE fan of Chip + Joanna Gaines (the countdown is on for the new season), shiplap and all the DIY I can get my husband on board with. Come to think of it I think the first project started when I took matters in to my own hands and ripped up the carpet on the stairs when my husband was on a run… thankfully he just jumped right in on the fun. ha. Come to think of it those stairs STILL aren’t done. We basically are procrastinators in terms of finishing projects. We are always well intentioned of course. I will definitely be sharing some of the projects past and present and any tips we’ve learned along the way.  It’s incredibly rewarding working on our home. Wainscoting was one of our first projects – what the heck were we thinking! That was hard! Prior to starting the wainscoting in the hallway/foyer we  didn’t have any experience with woodworking and jumped all in. Thankfully, it turned out nicely!

A lot of things in my life began as a conscience decision to do so. I’ve found that as I’ve re-created balance and a peace within our home by simply purging and organizing toys and miscellaneous clothes, papers, books, etc. Now that things are balancing out at home the decision to focus on “me” is becoming more and more a priority. The utilization of reverse engineering has been a big blessing in our home. I will share more for sure.

I’m not an expert in the field of financial successes or a product of a major financial break through however, my husband and I are striving to become debt free. I do not believe that this process is going to be easy because if it were everyone would achieve this goal right? Brian and I have a lot of student loan debt that has caused us to very recently sit down and come up with an action plan. I’ll share different measures we take to get rid of the debt once and for all. Organization, discipline and side hustle will be the main focus right out the gate. Oh and a whole lot of home cooking.