How to Accomplish More With Reverse Engineering

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How to Accomplish MORE With Reverse Engineering

Are you a big list maker? …I certainly am. At any given time I have a list going for household tasks, groceries, bills, blog related things, workouts, meals, etc. Sometimes I have lists of my lists. There’s never really a shortage of lists (ha). I have recently been working on reverse engineering and prioritizing my lists.

While I am at it I should also admit, I may or may not be guilty of writing tasks down that I have already done so I can immediately cross those tasks off… Talk about instant gratification. I know, I know, where’s that monkey emoji with his eyes covered? With some things I can be a bit obsessive. Reverse engineering has really helped me rein in my priorities and it’s been an absolutely game changer in my home. I’ve found that lists highlight my inability to prioritize or to some extent start certain tasks.

Chalene Johnson Introduction to Reverse Engineering

A few years ago I stumbled on a book, “PUSH: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin’ Body, and the Life you Deserve! by Chalene Johnson, the founder of a fitness program I was doing at the time. Chalene blew my mind by talking about Reverse Engineering to accomplish our goals. According to Chalene,  achieving our goals is as simple as mastering a process of breaking down our goals in to a set of smaller more measurable goals.

“When your goals match your priorities, then you can truly feel successful on our own terms and can enjoy your success.” – Chalene Johnson

A way to look at Reverse Engineering that I keep coming back to is, when you clean the house what’s the best way to clean a house? One room at a time right? While we all have our own ways of cleaning our homes, if the goal is for a clean house, each room must be clean. Reverse Engineering helps break the big task in to smaller tasks and in this case it would be each room that needs cleaned.

Creating a list and working through a list may be a little overwhelming and rewarding at the same time. If

you’re anything like me, crossing things off your list is an indicator of productivity. Reverse engineering suggests that if you make a list of things you want to do and break them down in to smaller tasks, you will accomplish your goals one-step-at-a-time.

The process of making a list and setting priorities are predictors of success. Setting priorities is essential to accomplishing goals. If something is of high priority, accomplishing this task gives an individual the momentum to see other tasks to completion. By understanding where our priorities lie, we can concentrate and take steps to help get closer to the end goal.

This is particularly true with me, especially when we have company coming over. My number one priority is to have a clean, tidy home when my company rings the doorbell… I’ll set out to clean my house but sometimes I’ll focus on an area of my house that may not be 100% the way I’d like first. This room may just

How to Accomplish More With Reverse Engineering

need a little TLC not a full out cleaning. I’ll focus my time, attention and efforts on cleaning an already clean room. This doesn’t make sense when I turn around and see that the kitchen sink is currently overflowing with dishes.

If my company were to ring my doorbell and see the mess in the living room boy would I be embarrassed… This is an example of making a list and setting priorities. In this case my priorities and the task don’t exactly align. I should have cleaned the kitchen first because the dishes really were a mess and needed to be cleaned.

I find that if I make a list and accomplish the tasks in an order that will actually affect the end outcome, the process is much more satisfying. By completing smaller tasks of the main goal, the puzzle pieces seem to fall in to place effortlessly. Reverse Engineering helps a person to look at their list and prioritize what needs to be done and what we’d like to accomplish to best align with the main objective.

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