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We are a family of 6 with 3 school aged children. Zachary is 11 and heading off to 6th grade (Middle School!), Alyssa is 8 and starting 3rd grade and Miss Addison is 6 starting 1st grade in a few short weeks. I’m trying a different approach to  sending the kids back to school and that’s spacing out our purchases. For instance one payday we will purchase backpacks, another school supplies, another shoes, etc. It always amazes me how much money we end up spending on sending the kids back to school. This year I feel like we have a plan to drive down the cost of sending the kids off to school so I’d like to share. Another thing, TAX FREE SHOPPING dates are an awesome way to save money on school clothes. Be sure to check with your state for their tax free shopping. 

*Some of the links below are either affiliate links or referral based. These are app/rebate programs that I personally highly recommend and utilize myself. None of the links below cost you any money to sign up for.


Cartwheel by Target 

  Cartwheel by Target: So far I’ve managed to grab 20 shirts for the 3 oldest kids for… $63! from Target. About two weeks ago Target 30% off Cat & Jack shirts when using cartwheel AND $10 off of a $40 purchase. I was able to split my clothes purchases in to two purchases maximizing the savings. Always, check cartwheel and their deals (current ad) before heading in to the store. I’ve gotten in to the habit of checking cartwheel regularly to save money when I can on purchases I have to make. Currently I see 30% off on Cat & Jack tees, 20% off Cat & Jack Leggings and 25% off Cat & Jack Kids School Uniforms. Also, on top of cartwheel you can save an additional 5% by simply linking your bank account to their store card and it’s called their Target Debit Card; This is NOT a Credit Card. You can however get a Target RedCard Credit Card if you wish. If you wish read all about it here on their website.

*Takeaway? Download the Target Cartwheel App for your phone and always cross check their sale ads and cartwheel. Make it a habit and save not only on clothes but various other items throughout the store.


 Shopkicks: I have used the Shopkick app for a few years now. Shopkick is a reward program offered for everyday shopping both in store and at home. It’s one of my favorite apps to date. Never before did I realize how easy it was to save money and make money from an app on my phone.  To date I have earned 145,410 ALL TIME KICKS! KICKS are Shopkicks reward points. The more KICKS you receive the more money you can receive in gift cards! Receive kicks for walking in to store, scanning various barcodes – it’s like a treasure hunt. Or perhaps opening the app and scanning barcodes doesn’t appeal to you that’s ok! Link your frequently used credit card/bank card to the appand acquire kicks effortlessly. Lately this is how Brian and I have been acquiring KICKS without even thinking about it.

Brian and I have redeemed countless gift cards to GAME STOP, TOYS R US, TARGET & WALMART. You are not limited to these retailers. Gift cards are available for Homegoods/TJ-Maxx, American Eagle, Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Lowe’s, Nike, Old Navy, Cheesecake Factory, Sephora, JCPenny, Tiffany & CO, etc. You can also stockpile your Shopkicks for certain products like iPads, VESPA, Samsung TV, Coach Handbag, Kitchenaid Mixer, etc. Perhaps maybe none of these things interest you? You can donate your kicks to wonderful programs such as Feeding America, American Red Cross, National Breast Cancer Foundation, or perhaps Room to Read. Use this link and sign up for Shopkicks today.


Ebates: Sign up for a website like Ebates and start earning CASH BACK on purchases you make regularly online. I’ve utilized Ebates for a few years and enjoy receiving cash back for shopping online. I always check before making online purchases because sometimes I’ll even find coupon codes in addition to receiving money back for a purchase that I am already making! Recently I have utilized for rebates on booking a hotel room and purchasing my blog through GoDaddy! It’s awesome. Start saving money today. Use my link and you will receive cash bonus as well after your first purchase!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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