A Case of the Christmas Crankies

Christmas Crankies: Extreme Unexplainable Moodiness at Christmas

Please tell me that I’m not alone… I cannot be the only one in the entire world that is experiencing a pretty strong case of the Christmas Crankies this season? Ha, I totally just made that up by the way. In all  honest I cannot even tell you why I’ve been so moody and cranky lately. But for whatever reason I can’t seem to shake it. Trust me when I say I’m typically one of the okay-est, go with the flow(ish), funk has nothing on me personality types. I never really get in a funk and stay there. Honestly I have no idea why I can’t shake this feeling of “blah” right now. Yesterday I set out to change my mood and wanted to share how I did this.

5 Cures to the Christmas Crankies AKA Funk

  • 1) Turn up the music! The Christmas movie ELF gives some wise advice here. “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for ALL to hear!” I have found unexpected joy in two albums this season that I wouldn’t have ever guessed I’d enjoy… Gwen Stefani and Sia. These are two of my favorites from their albums! Go ahead turn your volume up and enjoy!

…Like I said, 2 unexpected favorites… I’m definitely a fan!

*One of my greatest finds last Christmas was Amazon’s Music Unlimited for .99 cents for the first 3 months! I signed up last Christmas because it was way cheaper than going out and purchasing a new Christmas album. I have not cancelled it!

  • 2) Watch a favorite Christmas movie! Don’t have a favorite? Check out Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas Schedule or find the Hallmark Channel! They have movies on non-stop! I don’t know about you but a predictable love story always makes me happy cry ha!

  • 3) Holiday Baking! Better yet do some holiday baking with either Christmas music blasting or a Christmas Movie in the background. Don’t have money for Holiday baking? I have an idea! Run out to the store and grab a package of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie or Peanut Butter Cookie Mix. The Betty Crocker cookie packages run about $1.50 or so I purchased a couple packages last night. They actually have them on amazon! Check it out here $1.67 + 20% off! That’s a great deal!

Sometimes we just need easy right?A package of Peanut butter cookies requires eggs, vegetable oil and I believe you roll them in sugar. Grab a bag of Hershey kisses and they are awesome! Wah-lah! Peanut Butter Cookies! Chocolate Chip Cookies are even easier. For under $2.00 you can’t beat the happiness of Christmas baking!

*If you’re feeling like doing something extra special try these BIKINI KILLER COOKIES – these Chocolate Chip Snicker Cookies are everything! They seriously are AWESOME! My favorite cookie recipe by far! Ok this is my picture but honestly you need to go to Bakers Royale because my picture does NOT do these delicious cookies justice.

Grace Inspired Holidays and the Christmas Crankies

  • 4) Participate in Advent. Have Children? Do a Countdown to Christmas with books! Don’t have 12-25 Christmas books? Head to the library and take out some Christmas books. Choose whatever works for you. Maybe you have no Christmas books. Head to your local public library and pick out a weeks worth of Christmas books, bring them home and wrap them up. Unwrap one book a night to countdown the last few days leading up to Christmas. You can read more about what we are doing to celebrate Advent this year here.

If you have a cell phone you could always download the kindle app. I noticed that there are some Christmas books on the free kindle app. You do not need a kindle to utilize this feature. Kindle Unlimited has a free 30-Day Trial that you could sign up for and cancel just after the holidays! You could search for a Christmas Books through Kindle Unlimited. They have access to over 1 million titles, current magazines and unlimited audiobooks. You can sign up for Kindle Unlimited HERE.

  • 5) Take a Ride in the Car to see the Christmas lights. I enjoy our nightly ventures out to see the Christmas lights in our neighborhood and some of the surrounding neighborhood. It takes about 10-15 minutes maybe. I love turning the heat way up, rolling the windows down and blasting the Christmas music. I am certain that my kids will remember this when they are adults. I love this because it’s a beautiful wind down to a sometimes hectic school/work day. Also, it’s free. Find the good neighborhoods around you and head on out. Maybe bring some hot chocolate too that would be fun. :):)

I hope this helps you DE-FUNK…

I set out to make this list of de-funkers (<– ha, just made that word up) because I wanted to remind myself of what truly matters. What truly matters at Christmas isn’t how many gifts I buy for my children, how many cookies we make or movies/books we sit down to read as a family. What matters is those that are closest to us. I notice that when I lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus’s birth I easily become overwhelmed.

Usually when I’m baking a batch of cookies, blasting my Christmas music or watching my 3rd Christmas movie in a day (don’t judge me!) that I realize just how blessed I am. It’s usually at this point that I become overwhelmed with the love of a God that gave us His son that Christmas Day a long, long time ago. We celebrate Christmas because of the birth of our Savior.

… say goodbye to the Christmas Crankies and remember grace upon grace.

grace inspired holidays Christmas Crankies

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