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Easy Cost Effective Meal Planning

Establishing A Grocery Store Game Plan

Recently I took a hard look at our financial situation and decided it was time to lower the cost of our food and household goods. At first this task can be quite daunting and maybe even a little annoying. I am finding that I’ve been enjoying the challenge of coming in on budget or perhaps lower. I’ve simplified our meals to come up with an easy cost effective meal planning strategy! But first let’s talk about how we aligned our goals to help save our family money.

Because everyone will have a different goal in mind it is important to sit down and create your own personal goals. For us we wanted to cut our cost of food and household goods as much as possible to allow us the opportunity to bolster savings and pay off debt faster. Our goals centered on lowering the amount of money being spent at the grocery store.

1) Create a simple, cost effective meal plan

2) Come in under budget

3) Eliminate waste

4) Stop purchasing duplicates (shampoo and conditioner, windex, dish soap, etc).

5) Stick to meal plan deviating only when necessary.

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