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7 Ways to Break the Dinner Boredom Cycle

Is it Dinner in Your House OR is it Supper?

In our house my husband teases me when I call “dinner” supper. I can’t remember what we called it as kids. Here I am 14 years in of being the one ‘mostly’ in charge of getting dinner on the table. Secretly I don’t always love this task. Thankfully my husband has taken on a love for cooking. I wanted to share with how to Break the Dinner Boredom Cycle.

There’s so many reasons that cooking becomes more of a “have to do” or chore than a pleasure to cook for our families. I don’t know how many times over the years I’ve either forgotten to take dinner out or we simply were’t home because we were out and about running errands in which case Chic Fil-A OR Chipotle are always our favorite options to grab and go. It’s either that or maybe the same ole food items just seem unappealing or the last thing in the world we want to eat. After all, how many times can a person eat chicken and rice during the week?

*The Fondest Memories Made Are When Gathered Around the Table*

7 Ways to Break the Dinner Boredom Cycle

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