Choose Gratitude And Be Thankful

Shaking Up the Morning Routine

This morning I woke Zach up for school and started on the morning routine. I switched laundry, pulled the blinds upstairs and leisurely made my way downstairs to pull together the kids lunches and make coffee. Honestly I’ve really come to enjoy the slow, productive mornings. Choose gratitude and be thankful.

Choose Gratitude And Be Thankful

Mornings weren’t always peaceful like this in our home. In fact, mornings in the past were kind of stressful to say the least. Getting the kids out the door always proved to be a mad dash to the end. Between my daughter not being able to find leggings because she dislikes jeans, my youngest missing a shoe and Zachary inevitably ticking the girls off, mornings really haven’t been my favorite.

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Changing Our RoutineStart each day with a grateful heart.

Going in to this school year I knew that I wanted to make some changes because it’s not fun to be stressed. Since Zachary started Middle School our routine has drastically changed. Instead of waking up at 8am I now have to get him up by 7:15. I have 40 minutes or so to get my son out the door. I get that quiet time before school to touch base with him alone and I’ve really enjoyed the easy, slow morning start.

Brian (my husband) has helped make the transition of routine easy for me. At night he typically makes the kids sandwiches for me. This is a blessing because while I’ve done it in for so many years it’s just made the morning run a lot smoother. It’s been so nice to just grab a sandwich from the refrigerator and throw together the kids lunches in no time.

This morning I lingered upstairs a little longer than normal. I came downstairs and reached in to the refrigerator for the kids sandwiches and there were none… Brian didn’t make their sandwiches today.  Boy did that annoy me! It sounds silly talking about this – I am definitely aware. It’s just that it unexpectedly set me off. Now I had to scramble to get the sandwiches made and Zach out the door on time.

I’ve come to really love that my husband makes the kids lunch sandwiches. It gives me time to be more present with the kids and less stressed before sending them off to school.

My frustration was evident this morning. As I was making the kids sandwiches (which by the way really is no big deal) I didn’t care that I was annoyed and I didn’t exactly hide my frustration. I just had to complete the task period. How rude of Brian not to make their sandwiches…

Zach interrupted my thoughts and said, “hey mommy I love when you make my lunch…” He went on to compare my sandwich making abilities with his dad’s. It just made me smile. My husband is a self proclaimed “Sandwich Artist.” He worked for Subway when he was a high school senior so he is pretty serious about his sandwich making abilities. Come to find out the kids aren’t that impressed ha!

grace inspired home

A Lesson of Grace + Gratitude 

I really thrive on a predictable morning routine. I have enjoyed our “new normal” mornings. It’s insane to me that something as simple as the kids lunch sandwiches not being made can throw me off and boy does that affect my mood.

It’s not that Brian always makes the kids sandwiches because that’s not the case…

He forgets atleast once a week.

It’s just this morning I forgot to be thankful for my husbands desire to help me by making our children’s school sandwiches;

I didn’t extend him grace.

I let my frustration get the best of me because my routine was disturbed. You see, more times than not those sandwiches are made. I’m not sure why I responded the way I did. I truly am grateful for the days that I don’t have to make the my kids sandwiches.

My son’s quiet, sincere and timely compliment touched my heart. He noticed that I was bummed about running behind on our morning schedule and that I had my hands full making sandwiches. He CHOSE to express gratitude and thankfulness toward me. It was a sincerely unexpected compliment that zapped me back in to the present. Serving my kids by making their lunches is an honor. I really don’t mind making their lunches. What a blessing my son Zachary was this morning. Those sweet, simple words of gratitude really mean so much.

Choose gratitude and be thankful because it seriously changes things. grace inspired home

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  • Natasha
    November 24, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    Choosing gratitude always is important

  • Suzanne
    November 28, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    A great post and a reminder that we need thankful hearts. Xx


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