Choosing Your Word Of the Year

What is “Word of the Year?”

I was unaware that people have a “word of the year”… Did you know that people have words that they pick at the beginning of the year and use as their “mantra” or “new years resolution?” Am I even understanding this right?


I would have to say that the revelation of the awesomeness of grace has been a standout for me within the last year or more. Come to think about it, I named my 2nd child, Alyssa Grace because I truly believed it was God’s favor that gave me a sweet baby girl. Perhaps one day I’ll share Lyssie’s story but, now isn’t the time. God’s grace and favor was felt throughout my entire pregnancy with her. Maybe just maybe this work started with that small little angel baby in my belly…

My husband asked me tonight, “Amanda why is grace so important to you? What does grace mean to you?” I looked at him and smiled because he already knew the answers to his questions… If anyone knows my heart it sure is my husband. Simply put grace has changed me. See for me, grace cancels out perfection.

Grace by definition is, “the free unmerited favor and love of God.” It’s not an excuse to mess things up or to go about doing things half fast… it’s a truth. Instead of holding myself to a standard of perfection grace has taught me to overcome adversity.

Let me explain, grace gives us courage to accomplish our goals and not let the challenge of perfection deter us from moving forward with our goals. It allows us to look at relationships or other stressors in our life (finances/body image/work struggles, etc.) in a different, more positive light. Over the years I’ve learned how to control the perfection bug and give myself grace and establishing peace in these areas of my life.

I’ve spent so much time pursuing perfection in different facets of my life and have fallen short so many times. I continue to do so daily. By adapting an attitude of grace I’m finding joy in the journey from one point to the other. I am making the choice to choose gratitude and to be thankful for my unique journey. word of the year

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