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Slime – who knew it was so cool? Apparently every kid in elementary school (ha!). My daughter Lys was essentially obsessed with slime the day she came home from school with the tiniest amount of purple slime from a friend of hers. I knew at that point that I needed to look in to making our own. At one point Zachary equated slime to being the drug of choice for elementary school students? I don’t even know.

I naturally went right to pinterest to see if I could find an easy DIY recipe and I think I eventually did. Either pinterest or one of those Facebook videos that goes viral gave me the confidence to tackle making slime at home.

I’d like to share the recipe we ended up using. I have searched everywhere for the recipe we used but I cannot find it. Forgive me. I wrote these ingredients/instructions down on Facebook so I was able to get the measurements/ingredients from there.

Easy No Borax Slime Recipe


Elmers Glue

Sta-flo Liquid Starch

Colorful Sprinkles

Food Coloring

Barbasol Shaving Cream (the cheapest white shaving cream we could find!)

(I found the liquid starch at Walmart!)


2 cups of Elmer’s Glue

1/3 heaping cup of liquid starch

2-3 cups of fluffy, cheap shaving cream.


Combine ingredients in the order of 1- Elmer’s Glue 2- Liquid Starch and then lastly, 3- Shaving Cream.

*The recipe I followed called for 1 cup of shaving cream but it was so sticky and hard to handle that we kept  adding more and more shaving cream and it really helped a lot with the stickiness factor.* 

*Utilize sprinkles + Food Coloring as you’d like. 

*The sprinkles were a HUGE hit with the kids… look at those fun colors! The thing is the colors eventually turned in to a ‘grey’ color. We simply chose food coloring to make a fun pink color. 

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