Do you even DOSH Bro…

Ha, I can’t… “Do you even DOSH Bro?” Can you picture me saying that?

Not with a straight face anyways. I have to say I hesitated to write this on my blog but the truth is I’m on a quest to make money from various streams this year to pay down debt faster. We have a boatload of student loan debt and other debts (car, credit card, home, etc) that really need to be addressed.

So what is DOSH?

DOSH APP Make Money

Dosh is an app that I downloaded from the app store on to my phone based on the recommendation of my friend. It was easy to do really, I downloaded the app and in minutes had my account set up. I did link 2 of my bank cards to my account. Instantly I gained $6 to my DOSH account! Naturally I had my husband do the same and he too automatically received $6 in to his account.

How do you get paid to use DOSH?

From what I can tell once you set up DOSH you pretty much are on autopilot. You receive cash back instantly when you shop and dine at certain restaurant. I am going to make it my business to utilize Sam’s Club for getting gas. The app shows that you you will instantly receive 2% back from Sam’s Club purchases so this is a no brainer for us. We have to get gas right? We may as well get cash back!

You receive great rates through Dosh’s hotel booking platform. Currently (01/17) you receive a $25 bonus on your first booking. I have to remember this for Spring Break! Be sure to link as many cards as you’d like to Dosh’s secure app so that you can make sure that you will always receive money back from purchases.

Lastly, DOSH has an awesome referral program going currently. If you refer a friend you receive $15 for EACH friend that signs up and links their card! This promotion goes until 1/21/18. I just watched a youtube video and I’m pretty sure they had this same referral bonus in December. Click my referral link below and start using DOSH right away! Be sure to link your credit or debit card to your account and watch as the money comes in!


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