FINANCES – Give me ALL the grace… and wine.

Just kidding… I don’t care for wine much. Now give me all the Diet Dr Pepper and I’m a happy girl. (ha). In our home there’s some subjects that are easier to talk about than others… likely in yours as well. Finances are always touchy subjects in our home. Brian and I are both College grads with a boatload of student loan debt. On top of our BA degrees (psychology/sociology) we BOTH went back to college for our masters degrees to become Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and are a-l-m-o-s-t but not quite finished. So we have an internship left… both of us; that’s it. It’s a tough subject in our house because it’s one of those things had I not pushed so hard to go to college we wouldn’t have so much debt. If we didn’t have debt we wouldn’t have financial stressors present (debatable I know). And if I’m being honest if I didn’t motivate Bri to get his degrees he likely would still be in the Navy. Because of our devotion to education Brian landed an awesome job as a civilian. So yah, like I said a very touchy subject in our home. Together Brian and I have a combined student loan debt the size of some people’s mortgages. We’ve very recently gotten serious about paying down our student loan debt.

As I’ve mentioned above finances have always been a very private subject and I think this stems from growing up in my parents house. I was recently speaking with my father about debt and we’ve come to the conclusion that many people struggle with financial matters. Anyways, my hopes are to document our journey to Financial Peace by paying down debt via Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball method. I will be sharing our journey with you and hopefully encourage you to face debt head on. We will both be side hustling to ensure that we eliminate our student loans as fast as we can.

So why did I add financial peace and debt elimination to this blog? It is an area in our life that causes Brian and I a lot of stress. More than anything my hearts desire is to live a life free of debt so that Brian the kids and I can bless people. We want to raise children that are not ignorant to money matters and give them all the information they need to be money smart from day one. Grace is HUGE here… if we believe that every good and perfect gift comes from God (James 1:17) then the very fact that Brian has been so hugely successful in his career path is a testament to God’s hand on our lives. It’s a huge responsibility to be good stewards of money. We haven’t done the best job and we want to fix this.

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