Girl Wash Your Face Book Review

Girl Wash Your Face Book Review

girl wash your faceI recently read the book, “Girl, Wash Your Face…” by Rachel Hollis. Rachel’s book has opened my eyes on so many levels. In a lot of ways though I’ve finished this book a few days ago, I really still am digesting it. Rachel writes with a certain level of authority challenging us to stop believing the lies about who we are so that we can become who we are meant to be. She tells personal stories in her life where she believed a certain lie and how she’s overcome or worked through a given problem.

Through this book I have learned each of us have subscribed to lies that have at one point or another held us back from becoming who we are truly meant to be. Even more so who GOD truly meant us to be. Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis was truly an eye opening book. Rachel is such a down to earth, fun loving person and it really shows in her writing. Here is my Girl Wash Your Face Book Review.

Let’s start at the beginning, my takeaway from this book. I really was motivated to evaluate my life on a personal level. Each chapter of this book represents a different lie or misconception that has held Rachel back on a personal level. Her honesty and transparency made navigating such personal waters seem like I were sitting across the table with a friend. It’s not all pretty but, in the end God’s grace and goodness is revealed.

A Bunch of Lies and 1 Truth

Girl Wash Your Face is a book about several hurtful lies surrounded by 1 big truth; your happiness is up to you. Rachel shares her story to empower her readers to live their best life yet. Happiness isn’t elusive, happiness is for all of us to achieve; it’s a choice.

Chapter after chapter (20 to be exact) Rachel invites her readers in to take a closer look at different areas within her personal life that made her feel overwhelmed, less than and not enough. Throughout the book, I laughed and I cried a little. Honestly I genuinely enjoyed this book. I actually have been debating going back a second time and reading again only a little slower and with my pen.

Lies hold us back from our fullest potential.

Lies lose their power when we admit them out loud.

Girl Wash Your Face

I couldn’t recommend Girl, Wash Your Face (<–affiliate link) any more than I do… It’s a fantastic book that makes me want to be a better person all together. Now that I’ve identified my lies it’s my responsibility to take ownership and change the trajectory of my life.


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