Happy Birthday Lukey

My little guy Lukey turned 3 today! It’s so bittersweet watching him get older and older. I feel like I just want time to stand still a little bit longer. My oldest son starts Middle School on Tuesday and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I don’t really talk about this much but, I guess if ever there’s a place to write it should be my own blog. Happy Birthday Lukey!

Luke is really in to Mickey these days. He also loves dinosaurs, animals, playing pretend, bubbles, playing outside and watching youtube on his daddy’s phone. Sometimes I forget how little he is especially because he keeps up so well with his brother and sisters! I am reminded in the same breath how small he is. The messes he makes when he eats, the undies he can’t quite pull over his tush and the little dive bomb hugs he gives me that almost makes me collapse at my knees. The other day Lukey promised me he will love me “for always.” My daughter is always reminding me, “mommy he will ALWAYS be your baby boy” and she’s certainly right. I just want him to stay small forever. If I could have all the babies… I would.

My husband and I have always lived away from our families. When we were first married Brian was in the United States Navy. We lived in a lot of different places and eventually settled here in Maryland. The majority of our family members live in New York. Anyways, birthdays have always been really important to me despite not being surrounded by family. I think in a way I always make the day so special to compensate for the lack of family being around.

This years theme for Lukey’s 3rd birthday was Mickey and the Roadster Racers and he LOVED it! He has been so obsessed with Mickey lately it makes me smile. When my oldest son was his age, he too loved Mickey. Anyways I tried my hardest to give Lukey a special day. For breakfast I made him the cutest Mickey Eggo Waffles! I simply put whipped cream on Mickey’s ears and his reaction was priceless… he gave Mickey one look and said “oh my!!!” ha! He LOVED them! Granted he only ate the whipped cream but still I’ll call that a success.

The kids and I finished painting giving rocks (you can find them here) and sealed them. We were able to distribute rocks around a few plaza’s near us and ended up at the pizza place. We came home with pizza and a Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream Cake. We always get Coldstone Cakes for birthday’s in our house. They are our favorites! I bought that really cool edible cake topper from Amazon… seriously, Amazon has everything! The cake topper was so easy to place on the cake and was a big hit with my son!

Lukey was blessed with a bunch of sweet toys and gift cards/money. Most of his toys were, you guessed it Mickey Mouse! I think he got about 9 Mickey and the Roadster Racer cars! Brian and I also got him a Fisher Price Think & Learn Movi and he absolutely LOVES him! I highly recommend Movi! He reminds me of Fisher Price’s Beatbo (Lukey got this toy when he was 1 and LOVED him, still loves him actually!) and Lukey will definitely be able to grow with Movi. As a matter of fact my kids all loved the little Movi Robot and they range in ages 3-11!

I know my pictures aren’t the best quality but thank goodness I had my iPhone on me… Anyways, I really love this sweet boy and I thank God for blessing Brian and I with him. What a sweet addition he’s been to our family. I couldn’t imagine life without our Lukeyman. Happy 3rd Birthday baby boy!

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