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Making the decision to begin on a journey toward health and fitness is really one that should be taken seriously. Setting positive examples for our children is always top of my priority list but most importantly making a decision to take my health seriously shows my children how important it is that I live a long healthy life. I’ve noticed a shift in my attitude this summer toward how I see myself. In June I started eating healthy. My husband and I began eating a Ketogenic diet – high fat, low carb diet for weight loss. In June I found great success with the KETO diet and lost a proud 11.8lbs. In July my sister welcomed a sweet baby boy in to the world and my family went on a mini vacation to Wilmington, NC. It’s safe to say since then we have been eating pretty much whatever we want (insert a big huge sigh and maybe even a couple eye rolls). In July I gained 1 lb. Here we are a third of the way through August and I am yet to get my act straight with working out/eating right. Instead of this being a mean post to myself about getting my priorities straight I want to share with you how my attitude has changed. 

In June I lost almost 12lbs which is awesome! In July I gained 1lb. My weight loss to date is just over 10lbs and I’m darn proud. Before now I would be really hard on myself for falling off the wagon. Instead I’ve chosen to embrace an attitude of grace. I’m not sure what the next chapter looks like but I know that I need to keep moving forward in my weight loss journey. It’s exhausting being hard on myself. My husband wants to start running/working out again which is always great motivation having someone on the same “page” as me. Thankfully Brian is always so supportive of my efforts. So here’s to a finishing off a strong August. I’m thinking about doing the Shift Shop workout by Beachbody. Have you tried this workout? It’s brand new. I’ve had success in the past doing the 21 Day Fix workouts, Turbo Fire and Les Mills Pump.

I searched on Pinterest and found this 2017 Calendar from MomSpark.Net and am going to use it as a means of keeping track of my weight loss/gain for 2017. 🙂 I hope to update this monthly. 

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