I’m over Christmas-ing…

Overwhelmed, Over-Shopped, Over Spent…

Oh and while I’m doing the whole “over” thing, I’m really OVER spending… if I have to visit Target one more time I may just scream. I love that store as much as everyone else but, man I’m over it.

I’m over Christmas-ing… I’m ready to celebrate Jesus!

At this point I’m thinking a money tree would be nice (ha!). I just want the “normal expenses.” I’m feeling like all these blog posts I’ve been reading lately have been giving me permission to be content this season. Less is more. Don’t overload yourself. Don’t this, don’t that… but can I be honest? If I read one more of those blog posts I may just scream.

At some point you just have to do the grind and get it done right? I feel like a lesson on time management would be more up my ally. Every single year I say, something to the effect that I’m going to manage things differently (budget, shopping early/throughout the year, etc.) and each and every year I don’t. Between waiting for paydays, my kids birthdays and mine, Christmas and our anniversary I just can’t escape that feeling of being overwhelmed in December.

It’s confusing because I don’t exactly want the month to go by fast…

grace inspired holiday

If I’m being honest, I’m at the “but do I realllllly…” stage of Christmas.

You know, do I really have to go to the mall again?

Do the kids REALLY have to see Santa this year? Umm tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

Do I have to send Christmas Cards… ugh the Post Office? They already are going to be late…

Do I really have to go to the butcher for our Christmas meat?

Do we have to go to Christmas Eve Service at Church?

Some of those things above are definitely non-negotiable… others are definitely able to be put off. Tomorrow is Sunday and on Monday there’s definitely no USPS delivery because of the holiday sooo it looks like I can put off stressing about this huge stack of Christmas cards until Tuesday! Ahh one less thing to worry about!

Christmas is Coming Ready OR Not

So basically here’s where I tell you all – if you’re like me and are feeling over Christmas – not over celebrating Jesus’s birthday – feeling overwhelmed by all the Christmas things – take a deep breathe. We officially have 2 days to go, well it’s 9:40 on Christmas Eve…eve. We’ve totally got this. All these Christmas things are nice and wonderful and sometimes if we are honest wickedly stressful! It’s ok to take things off of your list. It’s going to be OK! I’m saying this to someone out there reading this that needs to hear it… but really I’m “preaching” this to myself.

All those things you didn’t do this Christmas season… let it go. You haven’t failed. Those cookies you wanted to make with your babies but didn’t, let it go. You can make cookies after Christmas. Those advent books you wanted to read and were well intentioned to do but didn’t – let it go… Give yourself grace. There’s always next year. Take a deep breath because joy is found in the simple, quiet moments. Sometimes our expectations of how things ought to be clouds the beauty that’s transpiring right in front of our eyes.

Let’s take a minute and get excited about Christmas – let’s get excited about the birth of our Savior. Take a breathe and breath it all in… The anticipation of Jesus birth. The excitement mirrored in the eyes of our little one’s. Get ready – He’s coming!

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!

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