I Trick Myself to Drink Water…

I am a horrible water drinker. Coffee doesn’t count toward the overall amount of water I should drink in a day right? Because if it did I’m thinking I’d be good on my water intake. I probably drink 3 cups of coffee in the morning and 1-2 after 3pm. I don’t know why but, I stink at drinking water, I literally have to “trick” myself in to it…

It is now Tuesday evening, and I’ve officially missed the “start working out and eating right on Monday mark.” I’m planning for a solid start after my mother-in-law visits through the end of the week. I’ve been trying to psych myself up to moving forward toward my 2017 health goals. What is it with me not being able to start my workout programs/eating right during the middle of the week? I’m still trying to decide if we are going to return to KETO eating or if I’m going to start the new Beachbody program Shift Shop. From what I understand Shift Shop embraces a gradual low carb-esque style of eating in addition to working out. I’m on the fence.

When evaluating my “game plan” for turning things around the first thing I do is decrease my coffee intake and increase my water game plan. I’ve decreased my overall diet soda intake this summer which is great and I’m real proud of this… I’ve been a Diet Dr Pepper lover for many years now. Anyways, my trick for switching back to water? Water bottles.

My husband laughs at me but knows I’m serious when I buy a new water bottle. It’s like my way of tricking myself in to drinking more water. I have a pretty good collection of water bottles (ha). There’s just something about a pretty water bottle that motivates me… I’m not sure why. Anyways, today I found some really awesome water bottles on amazon… Why again haven’t I looked on amazon for water bottles before now? They have everything these days. I thought I’d share with you guys! I’ve honestly been waiting for S’well to come out with a pretty floral water bottle but they are yet to do so. I’m trying to decide between one of these 3 that are similar to S’well water bottles in that they are stainless steel and similar price points. What do you think? These bottles contain affiliate links. 

Mary Square Vintage Floral Stainless Steel 17oz Water Bottle. *I love the floral with a black background. The only downfall is this water bottle won’t be be available to ship right away.

Manna Women’s 20oz Retro Air Floral Water Bottle. This water bottle runs $20 for 20 oz’s which is a great price point (cheaper than the other two bottles I’m sharing) especially if it doesn’t leak and keeps my water ice cold. I really love all of the flowers on this bottle…
Natural Life 17oz “Do More of What Makes You Happy” Water Bottle. This water bottle is super cute with a great message on it. The reviews are great for this bottle as well.

So all 3 of these bottles have the general S’well water bottle feel… Did I mention up to this point I’ve been a S’well junkie? I love that I can go to bed and wake up with ice cold water in my water bottle… I’m hopeful that these water bottles will have the same features. The reviews seem to be consistently good across the board. We shall see. Overall, I think I LOVE the first water bottle…

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  • Terri
    August 25, 2017 at 11:35 pm

    i hear ya sista, I am not a water drinker at all, I am trying to make myself drink more and more, give me tea or diet pepsi and I am all set, my health is not going to get better if I dont take care of myself so thank you for this post, maybe a new water bottle will help me too


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