It’s Officially September!

How in the world is it officially September?! Things are all moving real fast right now in preparation for the first day of school just around the corner. We have officially met my girls teachers and toured the Middle School with my oldest son. My oldest now has a plan in place on where he needs to be and the fastest route to get there. He also is very confident with his abilities to open his locker lock. I have to say I am relieved.

I don’t know why but this year I have been procrastinating finishing up the back to school shopping for my children. Usually I do it all at once and am done in a weekend. This year I’ve spread out the shopping to only make purchases when the items we needed were on sale. We’ve really done good slow and steady. Now to just finish up… I’m hopeful for some good Labor Day Sales. I see that at Target there is a cartwheel for 20% off of the Cat & Jack Apparel and Shoe line at Target as well as 25% off C9 Champion Apparel and shoes. Looks like we’ll be going to Target.

It’s real rainy here today in Maryland and my motivation to get things done are really non-existent. Here’s hoping the weather clears and we can finish up these back to school errands. Right now I have to admit it’s the last thing in the world that I want to do.

On my agenda for today is CHILI. I’ve never made chili in the Instant Pot so I’m going to look that up. When all else fails I’ll just slow cook it in my Instant Pot. That’s what I love about having an Instant Pot is the versatility of it. It’s rainy and chilly so today is the perfect day I think to make our first batch of chili.

I’m also working on a Fall Bucket List! What are must do items on your Fall Bucket List? I know for me it’s our list usually starts with all the Pumpkin Spice stuff we can find (ha). Please share with me below your favorite fall things to do and I’ll share the post soon! Anyways I’m excited that it’s officially September!:)

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