Joy in the Everyday Tasks

Joy in the Every Day Tasks

…I have never loved doing the dishes. In fact, dishes are my least favorite task. But, if I’m being truly honest, if I let myself just enjoy the quiet moment, the feel of the hot water and the smell of the soap it really does make me happy.

Nothing compared to how happy Lukey was when I allowed him to “help” me with the dishes.

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“Mommy, I help you?!” Gosh do those words slay me. It’s rare that anyone asks to help me with a chore. Who am I to deny this sweet boy the opportunity to get soak and wet, extend the amount of time it takes me to do the dishes and choose to make these memories?

…to this day these are probably some of my favorite photos of my little Lukeyman (age 3).

I love having a clean kitchen. When the kitchen is clean the whole house feels more manageable. When the kitchen isn’t clean and orderly the whole house feels like it’s a hopeless mess. I can’t be the only one that feels this way?

Every Day is More of the Same

Usually my day is pretty routine. I begin my day at about 7:10 when my fitbit’s silent alarm wakes me up; it’s time to get Zach up and out the door for school. I’ve come to enjoy my 7:15-7:55 time alone with my oldest boy before school. He’s low maintenance but usually during this time he tells me about school, friends, etc. Zach’s bus arrives promptly at 7:55.

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At 8 I pour a cup of coffee and relax for few minutes… in silence. By 8:10 I wake my little girls up and get them fed, lunches made, hair done, teeth brushed and out the door by 9am. The bus comes around 9:06ish.

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The mornings usually are either defined as a blur or maybe even better yet a whirlwind of sorts. Things either go very smoothly or not. Lukey usually watches Mickey and the Roadster Racers while I check my email and drink another cup of coffee and after that it’s usually go time. Time to get the house clean before the big kids get home from school and the husband gets home from work.

Finding Balance: A Worthwhile Pursuit

I’m working on finding balance between a tidy home and a happy home. When the house is a mess I am not as fun a mom as I could be. I get overwhelmed. I’m shorter with my kids than I’d like to be. What’s that saying, “many hands make light work”? It’s so true. It takes me forever to clean the bottom floor of the house but with the kids and husband helping we can have the bottom floor done in no time! Think 2 hands verses 12!

I believe that my children are at really good ages (3, 6, 8 and 11) to really help keep the house nice and tidy. Not to mention they should be able to keep their rooms clean. This is a challenge in our home for sure. I’ve found that getting their help has become key to a happy home. I don’t mind helping them clean up messes if they are helping me.

A Soapy Pot + Bubbles =’s Happiest Baby EVER!

I have been staring at the pictures of Lukey above playing in the pot of sudsy water. He was so happy to “help” me. He was truly delighted that I said “yes!”

I can remember when I was filling my pot with soap and water and the bubbles started doubling and tripling thinking, Lukey would -love- to play with the bucket of bubbles. I slid the bucket to the side and went on with my agenda… Clearly, the dishes weren’t my number one priority.

I accomplished a few tasks around the house before I fed Lukey lunch and started working on the dishes. Lukey saw my pot of bubbles and instantly zoned in on them. Before I could stop him he had gotten a barstool, jumped up on the counter and made a beeline for the sink. In record time both his clothes and the counter were soaked.

I could have stopped him… I just didn’t want to…

…instead, I grabbed my iPhone and photographed my sweet boy happy as could be. I stood there in the kitchen watching my baby boy play in that soapy water… in that moment time stood still. “Mommy I help you?” With pure joy on his face, squeals of delight from his lips and a puddle of water surrounding him, he was so happy. And in that moment my ordinary task became a most precious memory. The amount of joy I felt was hard to explain.

I feel like I was splashed in the face with a cup of warm water – true joy is truly found in the ordinary, day to day moments. 

I’ve always known that children are a gift from God. Today I feel like I caught a glimpse first hand how God uses our little one’s to teach us important life lessons. I found joy today in my baby boys smile, sweet sticky kisses and dinosaur roars. There really is joy in the simple every day tasks if only we could slow down and not be too busy (today’s lesson).

joy in the every day task

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