Meal Prepping For a Successful Week

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You know we are serious about changing our eating patterns and behaviors when we meal prep on a Sunday. There’s just something so important about starting a new routine on a Monday. For me this means meal prepping for a successful week.

Typically speaking we make a Costco and Target run on Sunday’s and come home and prepare a few different foods for the week. It always feels good to have a different spread of foods for my husband to take to work. Meal prepping really does set us up for a successful week.

Watermelon was on sale at Costco this week for $3.99 so when we Got home I cubed it up and filled a big tub of watermelon. There is now essentially all you can eat watermelon in the refrigerator. It feels good to have healthy, prepped meals for my kids. I feel like they are always asking for a snack! Currently in addition to the watermelon we also have blueberries, cherries and oranges easily. I can’t wait to go apple picking with my kids in the next coming months!  I also have turkey lunch meat and pulled chicken on hand for good protein choices.

My life completely changed last Christmas when my parents gave Brian and I an Instant Pot for Christmas. I know that seems a bit enthusiastic!?! But in all honesty I use my Instant Pots MORE THAN my oven! I know crazy right?! So yes, without a question I love my Instant Pots and I very strongly recommend purchasing one! Oh and yes, I definitely have 2 a 6 quart Instant Pot and an 8 quart Instant Pot. I use both equally as much. The 8 quart is really good for soup and different foods like – ribs/carnitas and barbacoa where you need a bit of space. The 6q is mostly used in our house for veggies, hard boiled eggs and rice. The large pot meats and soups.

I have to say since getting my Instant Pots, meal prep has become fun. It is so easy and probably my favorite part is, it doesn’t have to take all day! For instance while prepping the chicken Last night, I made hard boiled eggs and then a pot of rice! While my Instant Pots were going simultaneously I was chopping up watermelon. I cannot picture meal prepping without my Instant Pots. Honestly to me the Instant Pot is a game changer and I highly recommend getting one… or two. ha. They are worth their weight in gold to me.


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