So About That Monday Start Date…

Well guys, it’s definitely Friday and Monday has long passed. I was supposed to start working out and eating right on Monday but, umm, that didn’t really happen. We had so many leftovers from when my mother and sister-in-law were here. Brian the kids and I just made due with the remaining food in the refrigerator. So about that Monday start date…

I’m sad about this because I hate letting myself down. I feel like the only person that can change me is me and I am not trying enough. The reason for me writing on here this evening isn’t for anything but a means of accountability. I know what I need to do and I just need to make the commitment. There are 6 days left in August and I do NOT want to write on my August calendar that I gained weight.

I have a new game plan. I’m going to just start focusing on eating right period. I think officially/un-officially really I’ll start up the 21 day fix food containers and start working out September 4th. Something is better than nothing. I was feeling guilty about buying a workout program for myself when we have a bunch of back to school shopping that must come first. I have both 21 day fix and 21 day fix extreme and there’s no reason why I can’t do a round of one of these workouts maybe I’ll do one of those workout programs. In the past I have found success with the 21 day fix. I lost I think 10-12lbs in the 21 days! Hey I’ll take that any day! And next, next I’ll be doing Shift Shop and I cannot even wait.

I also will be sneaking in a water bottle purchase because let’s face it, this girl needs a water bottle ha. Did you read that post? You can read it here. Basically I’m a water bottle hoarder. Every time I start a new workout program I buy a new water bottle. Maybe I’ll hold out and get it up at the big mall in VA this weekend when we take the kids back to school shopping FINALLY.

Anyways, school is starting soon and I think the new routine will be a nice way to break up the day. I’m actually weird in that I really love working out with my children. My little man LOVES to workout. He get’s so excited that he’ll run and get a water bottle “just like momma.” It makes me proud, and I think I need to feel proud of myself. So about that Monday start date… this Monday it’s on. For real. It can’t be any other way.

Do I have any friends, family members or maybe even new friends (ahem YOU) that would like to do the 21 day fix with me? I love the accountability and clearly need it. I’m looking forward to utilizing my Instant Pot a lot for meal prepping. I want to start sharing recipes with you guys. Both things that I make and personally love and things that my family really has come to enjoy. The thing is, when I cook a lot of times I just add a “pinch” of garlic salt or season the chicken breast lightly, etc. I never really take measurements. Ehh, I think I’ll just share as if I were talking to my sister – God help you all. ha.

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