Since When Did Selfies Get Such a BAD Reputation?

Why Do Selfies Have Such A BAD Reputation?

So I’ve been thinking about this and I don’t really have an answer… Why in the world are selfies so frowned upon? I know some people post photos of themselves literally all the time I mean, I get that being annoying but honestly who cares? Is that the kind of selfie that’s frowned upon? I’m not really sure when selfies began getting such a bad reputation?

Let’s rewind a little bit here. I asked Brian for a selfie stick 2 Christmases ago. He was so fast to say no. I didn’t understand why there would or even could be a “no”. We have a pretty big family, 6 in total. I have a really hard time getting us all in pictures, let alone an instagram square and I thought for sure a selfie stick would eliminate this problem. Bonus I’d get pictures of us as a family. I was kind of taken back by Brian’s adamance and the “no” he so strongly gave. Our conversation ended on this note, I have so few pictures of myself and the kids let alone us as a family. What if anything ever happened to one of us…

That Christmas I received a selfie stick, actually 2.

family selfie with a selfie stick

(*My family and I New Year’s Eve – 2015-2016)

Why again do selfies have such a bad reputation? Of course any day I’d rather have a real photo of myself and my babies or husband over an iPhone photo but the reality is, it doesn’t happen all too often… The last family photo we have is a snapshot my friend took at my husbands work party. We all were all tired, sweaty messes by the end of my husbands work party but, I sure love it because it’s us; beggars mustn’t be choosey right?

Anyways, if you have skimmed this blog post or are looking for an actual answer this is all I have to offer: take the dang pictures. In fact, take ALL the pictures. 


Honestly, whether or not you’re comfortable in front of the camera isn’t important here because when it comes down to it God forbid anything happen to you pictures will be a priceless momento for our children. I kind of want to be insensitive here and say “get over it” and when I say this I’m pointing all the fingers at myself. I’m not the type of person that loves her picture taken and I understand you may be just like me… In fact, I’ve spent the last however many years avoiding pictures because I have been so uncomfortable with my image. What?! How crazy does that sound? You see those little faces in the picture above?! Those 5 people love me more than I can even comprehend and so do your people.selfie


I honestly do not even understand where the whole “hating on selfies” comes from but, I just want to say DOCUMENT your life. Whatever your life looks like – the perfect, the not so perfect and the in betweens. You can always improve on your image, the condition of your messy living room, the bath tub that probably needs a good bleaching and the mountain of laundry will eventually get put away… Document your life because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 34 years of life, tomorrow is not guaranteed. You can improve on all areas above and then some but you cannot simply go back in time to take that picture you probably should have surrendered your pride to and took.

Please trust me. Document your life – whatever it or YOU look like… Take all the selfies and without question live in the moment and enjoy where you are. Real life is messy and beautiful and to someone you are their entire world. Take ALL the selfies friends.

to selfie or not that is the question

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  • Callie
    February 24, 2018 at 11:00 am

    I so agree with what you’ve said here! I often try to get pictures with t kids, because if anyone died I think they’d be so precious. I think selfies got a bad rap with narcissistic teenagers who posted selfie after selfie with the duck lips, haha! Thankfully I haven’t seen any duck lips for a while. ?


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