Sometimes Procrastinating Pays Off…

Procrastinators Unite (ha, ha)

I sat down probably a month ago to order my girls backpacks and lunch box accessories from Pottery Barn Teen… A month ago. Seriously where the heck did the last month go? I’ve been seriously procrastinating back to school shopping. I’m not even sure why. We just bought my son an Under Armour backpack from Sam’s Club. He’s always so easy to shop for. Anyways, you would think that I’d learn by now that there are just some things you shouldn’t put off buying. I can’t even tell you how many times I was well intentioned to order an Easter Basket with my children’s names on them from Pottery Barn. The worst part is nine times out of ten when I finally sit down on payday to make the purchase(s) PB no longer has the basket liners/baskets that I had my eye on… SO ANNOYING! I tend to be a bit of a well intentioned procrastinator but sometimes it really pays off!


Today I won~! In the battle of Pottery Barn vs Amanda I feel like I hit the jackpot!

Haha, ok, so here’s the deal. I sat down to finally order the girls backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles and a smaller secondary lunchbox. I essentially had my girls choose their backpacks off of the list of backpacks that were already on sale at a special price of $29 from $49.50. I cross checked and narrowed down the backpacks that they could choose from to the ones that had both lunch boxes and water bottles that matched. Conveniently these items were also on sale. But then I remembered sometimes Pottery Barn sends me those creepy emails that say something to the affect: “Hi, remember me? We noticed you like this item and the feeling’s mutual! Grab it before it’s gone…” And conveniently on this email there’s usually a coupon code. Wellllll it just so happens that I had this very same email in my email inbox with a 20% OFF your one-time use in store and online COUPON!!! You guys THE COUPON WORKED on top of the already really discounted items.

Check this savings out!

The total after all was said and done was $122.96 FROM $145! You guys, I was excited about the $145 price tag for 8 items from Pottery Barn but the additional $29 savings… I’m ECSTATIC.

The moral of this story… Procrastinating usually comes back to bite me in the butt… Have you ever heard that saying? You know, when something backfires on you. Thankfully this time my procrastinating didn’t mean I had to tell my daughters that we were unable to get them their backpacks, etc. So my best advice is to sign up for emails for Pottery Barn and be patient. The best way I find to purchase items from Pottery Barn, or shall I say most affordable way to purchase things from PB is by using a coupon. I ALWAYS use a coupon when I’m making a purchase from PB.

Oh and one more thing, I almost forgot!

I also earned 3% in rewards for their reward program. Clearly I won today! ha! I actually just learned that by referring people to PB you get a reward as well! When you refer a friend they get $25 off their first purchase of $100 or more. In addition PB gives YOU the same offer as soon as your friend places an order! So basically what I’m suggesting is, this order would have been EVEN MORE affordable if you use this link below. 🙂 We both win.

Pottery Barn Reward Program

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