Water Bottle Drinking Challenge

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I’m a “BAD” Water Drinker

“Project Drink More Water” has been going on in our home this week. I literally don’t drink water. I’m not saying that proud by any means. If coffee and Diet Dr Pepper counted toward my daily water intake goal I’d be golden. Cue the “water bottle drinking challenge.”

I don’t know if you remember but I wrote a post (here) about how I struggle with drinking water. I started feeling really “crappy” this week and decided that it was time to really buckle down and focus on myself. The first thing I started to do was drink more water. It’s amazing to me how much better I feel when I drink water.

I purchased two water bottles and I’m really happy with both purchases. Both bottles do a real nice job at keeping my water cold. You’ve got to know I’m serious at this point (haha). This girl is on a water drinking mission.



Currently I have the YETI water bottle sitting beside me. I filled the YETI with ice water yesterday morning and the water is still very cold. YES, you read that correct. I filled it up yesterday morning. While the ice has dissolved the water is still very cold. On occasion I have sensitive teeth and really cold bothers me (selectively? So weird) this is the perfect cold. I love that the bottle itself does NOT sweat!

Worth noting, the YETI 36 oz Rambler Tumbler has an impressive opening “over-the-Nose” technology that both helps you drink easily and probably more important (*atleast to me) the large opening makes it easy to clean the water bottle.

Obviously when you first fill the YETI it’s quite cold which I like too.

I was testing how long the water would stay cold for and am very pleased!


If I’m being honest the biggest complaint that I have with the YETI Rambler is the size; It’s massive. It may be easier to hold if it were a smaller size. I kind of say this “tongue in cheek” because I love the size it really does a good job at encouraging me to drink more water. I also wish that there were a water spout of sorts to drink from.

…it just so happens they have this area covered. I found this YETI Rambler Bottle Chug Cap tonight on amazon! This would definitely come in handy. Especially when I let my 3 year old take a drink from my water bottle.

Overall, I am please with this water bottle and might look to add a colored bottle in a smaller size. I would like to be able to put the bottle in to my purse and not be overwhelmed with weight/size. The size is a bit of a deterrent to take everywhere I go. It definitely doesn’t fit in the cupholder in my car. And it definitely will not fit in a stroller… you could always use a carabiner I suppose to attach the water bottle to the stroller.


I have many different water bottles. In the beginning I went on a Lifefactory water bottle binge and bought 3-5 of those. I know, I know… it was one of those things. Instead of rewarding myself with clothes or shoes for working out and achieving goals I would buy a water bottle. It worked for me.

Think about it – You don’t have to try a water bottle on…

It’s truly a one size fits all.

I cannot remember exactly why I switched away from Lifefactory bottles, I want to say its because I wanted a water bottle that stayed cold for a long time. I then was introduced to S’well Bottles and fell in love! I think I have 3 of those including the Santorini, Birds of Paradise and a pretty metallic purple one that I picked up at Athleta.

I’ve been waiting patiently for S’well to come out with a floral bottle… as of my original post (last month) they didn’t have any floral water bottles so I began looking on amazon. Apparently now S’well has the Forbidden Garden Collection and boy are they beautiful!

*I think I need them all… They are so beautiful. 

Swell Forbidden Garden Collection

OK FOCUS AMANDA! BACK ON TRACK… I have it bad for water bottles you guys. 

So I went on amazon with the goal of finding a stainless steel “S’well” like floral water bottle. Cue this beauty! Mary Square Floral Stainless Bottle. Its seriously is so pretty in real life. The picture on amazon does not do it justice. I’m pleased with everything about this bottle.

Mary Square Water Bottle

This Mary Square Water bottle holds 17 ounces of water and does just as it advertises keeps your water cold for an extended amount of time. I love this water bottle because it’s really the perfect size. Also the price point was about half of what the Forbidden Garden Collection cost by S’well. The size and shape makes it easy to hold and transport. The bottle fits in my purse just fine. Overall, I would purchase another Mary Square Water Bottle in the future.

Mary Square is impacting lives across the globe by funding clean water projects with WorldHelp.

Also definitely worth noting: there was a message in my bottle!

Message of Courage

Thank you for your purchase of this bottle. We want to bless you today with a message of Courage.

This exact moment in your life will never come again. Seize the moment. Take a chance. Live without regret.

Quote to remember: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

water bottle grace inspired home

Both the YETI and Mary Square Bottle do as advertised. They both keep water really cold for an extended amount of time. I have not tested these bottles out on hot coffee or any other beverage. I typically do not use my water bottles in this way.

*I recommend all three of the bottle companies above, YETI, S’well and Mary Square!

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