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Brian and I are well intentioned do it yourselfers… Well intentioned in the implementation maybe not so much the completion of a project. Boy does this drive me nuts! Early on in 2016 my husband went on a run. When he came home from his run he found me ripping the carpet off of the stairs. From that point on we’ve been on a roll with fixing up our home. I would say that our home is definitely looking more and more like “us” and less like when we moved in here. Does that make sense? Those stairs however? You guess it they are STILL incomplete. The carpet is off the stairs and discarded. The staples have been removed. The stairs have been prepped and sanded and were ready at one point for the next step however, we haven’t gotten there yet? I don’t know why completing the stair project is so daunting? In all honestly I don’t mind the look of the raw wooden stairs but, I just know that if we found the time I would absolutely love the finished look of the stairs I originally set out to accomplish. Do you have any tips on completing this process? I think we need to just schedule it out and get it done. I’m hoping to paint the treads black and the kickers white… we will see.

Here are a couple of our projects that we have done and completed. 🙂

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