We WON Free Football Tickets!

You’ve Got to Play to Win right?

Brian and I always joke that we cannot win the lottery unless we actually play the lottery… This proved to be true in his weekly drawing at work. My husbands first opportunity to win came this past week when he put in for tickets to the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers game. HE WON! Correction WE WON!

Baltimore Ravens Steelers Tickets

So up until this past weekend neither Brian or myself had ever been to a professional football game before! We both as kids volunteered for our church and ran concessions at West Point. That was as close to a professional football game as we’ve ever gotten and we worked it.

Know Where You Are Going… Before You Get There.

Naturally the first thing we did was look online to see where our seats were! Talk about a great view! I guess there’s something to be said about Club Level tickets! What an awesome opportunity!

Baltimore Ravens M&T Stadium

We knew theoretically where we were seated… atleast by “one of the end zones…” Oh I’m aware of how dumb I sound… now. What a rookie mistake. We didn’t exactly think ahead as to where we were going to enter the stadium. Thank God for the crowds otherwise we wouldn’t have known where to go (ha).

My husband and I ended up entering M&T Bank Stadium at the “A” Gate and had to walk all the way around to the “D” Gate… We were literally sweating by the time we sat down at our seats because we were in such a hurry! We didn’t want to miss the National Anthem! I have to say, the jets flying over the stadium was AWESOME!

Baltimore Ravens Stadium

*Our view was ridiculously close to the computer generated image above!

Since I’ve never been to a game I have nothing to compare our experience to. The view was great. The people around us were wonderful. I don’t know if it’s because of the section we were sitting in or what but the crowd seemed to be a bit “mature” aka older. We had a blast.

* Check out that face paint!. 

The Concession Food

Brian and I aren’t beer drinkers (on occasion yes but not generally speaking) so we settled for soda. We actually got 2 hotdogs and pretzel bites and boy were they gross. (ha!). I heard good things about food at football games… we definitely missed the mark. If ever we go back we are totally getting the nachos. The nachos looked awesome. Oh and I didn’t think the food was insanely priced. I think we spent $14-$16 on ours.

concession food at m&t stadium

It’s been a long time since Brian and I went on a date. My neighbor had approached us the weekend prior and said it was on his heart to watch the kids for us… We smiled and thanked him for offering. When Friday rolled along Brian learned that he had won the tickets to the game and we almost immediately called our neighbor. Talk about a tremendous blessing. God had taken care of the details before we even won the tickets to the game. Thank you God and our wonderful neighbor! I had a great time alone with my husband.

baltimore ravens game

*Oh and one last thing… we ran out Friday night and found these Ravens shirts. We aren’t fans of either the Ravens or Steelers BUT we are fans of free tickets. 🙂 What a fun opportunity!

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