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So this whole “word of the year” thing was brand new to me… 2 years ago? Maybe a little more. I felt like everywhere I would go online whether it be Facebook, instagram or even pinterest I’d see someone declaring their “word of the year.” What the heck is a “word of the year” and how do you sign me up?!

Apparently instead of making a New Year’s Resolution people hone in on ONE WORD and give up the traditional resolution in the New Year. Who knew?! By narrowing down your New Year’s Resolution to ONE WORD a person can focus on their goals much easier.

According to Pastor Mike Ashcraft from,

“The process provides clarity by taking all your big plans for life change and narrowing them down into a single focus. Just one word that centers on your character and creates a vision for your future.”

Your word of the year may look like one of the words below (and certainly not limited to):

I was just talking to my husband about this and admitted that up until now I didn’t know that there was an actual process of choosing your “word of the year.” I just literally googled and found this information out (ha). I simply thought a word of the year was a word that God placed on your heart. An area that we can improve upon and bring God glory within our own personal life.

I came about choosing the word “grace” as my word of the year because it was an area in my life that I kept coming back to. I would find myself constantly preaching to my family, friends and well, anyone that will listen (IG? ha) 😉 that it’s important to hold ourselves to a standard of grace. Something you will hear me talk about a lot is holding ourselves to a standard of grace rather than perfection… Perfection can be so soul sucking. Grace on the other hand is life giving, it pushes us to do better. Perfection is so singularly focused and sometimes not even attainable. What exactly does a perfect parent look like?

Anyways, I began thinking about my word of the year for January 2016 and realized that it was an area of my life that God was still really trying to work on me… an inside out kind of change and embraced “GRACE.” For 2016 I challenged myself in the area of extending myself grace in several facets of my life – family, house, fitness, etc. When 2017 rolled around and people were declaring new words I couldn’t help but think wait a minute, I’m not done with GRACE. God stirred in my heart an attitude of grace that I was just beginning to grasp… After praying and reflecting on 2016, I realized that GRACE isn’t going to just go away… that I was truly just getting started. The idea behind a word of the year is awesome, I get it. I love the idea of an un-resolution of sorts and I’m embracing this inside out change

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